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Has your Galaxy S3 randomly died? A fix is on its way

Has your Galaxy S3 randomly died? A fix is on its way
It lives... again!

If your Samsung Galaxy S3 has randomly died without warning fear not, as a firmware update is on its way to cure your poorly smartphone.

Before Christmas some Galaxy S3 owners reported that their shiny new handsets were dying after just a few months, with the 16GB model later singled out as the at risk version.

The issue appeared to be with the main circuit board, but Dutch site Tweakers believes new hardware isn't required with Samsung confirming it will release a firmware update to resolve the problem soon.

Limited impact

Instead of the main circuit board being faulty the cause of the issue is actually a bug in the firmware which is used to control the board.

Thankfully most Galaxy S3 owners won't need to worry about this, as it only effects a small number of handsets, but if you are one of the unlucky ones at least a fix is on its way.

We'll keep an eye on developments and let you know when the firmware update roll outs so you can breathe new life into your Galaxy S3.

From Tweakers via Phandroid