Facebook admits it might be killing your iPhone battery life

Facebook iPhone

Facebook has confirmed that it is currently investigating claims that its iOS app is causing a significant amount of battery drain.

Reports of the battery drain began cropping up earlier this week, with one user, entrepreneur Matt Gilligan, explaining in a blog post that Facebook's iOS app was causing up to 15% of battery drain over a 7 day period.

Interestingly, in Gilligan's situation, he had the background app refresh option switched off for Facebook, yet it was still running for 3.4 hours in the background over those 7 days.

Another user on MacRumors saw Facebook responsible for 39% of their iPhone's battery life, with the app running for more than 8 hours in the background despite having the background app refresh off as well.

So while it seems like the problem lays with a bug that is causing the Facebook iOS app to continue working in the background even with the background app refresh switch off, it's unclear exactly what is causing this bug. Thankfully, though, Facebook says it's looking into the issue.

"We have heard reports of some people experiencing battery issues with our iOS app," the social media giant said in a statement to TechCrunch.

"We're looking into this and hope to have a fix in place soon."

We'll be getting in touch with Facebook, and we'll report back if we hear back from them.