EE Wi-Fi Calling will put an end to network black spots


For those living out in the sticks it can be a constant battle to ensure you've always got mobile signal.

EE knows phone signal can be a problem in your own home, over four million people lose signal in their homes just by moving to another room.

The new Wi-Fi calling services mean you can make and receive phone calls and texts whilst in your home, just this time it's over the internet instead.

Here there is no need to use a specific app either, the service works through the normal phone dialler and text message book meaning there's no need to clog your phone up with other services.

EE Wi-Fi Calling

Joffrey, I'm only ruddy calling you from the underground!

Calls everywhere

The service is launching from April 10 on the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and from launch on the Microsoft Lumia 640.

EE will continue to roll out the service in the coming months with the aim to get over five million customers on the service by the summer.

EE announced last week it would give each of its customers a free power bar that can be traded in at any store for a fully recharged one to keep you powered whilst out and about.

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