Co-op squares up against Tesco - launches own pay as you go SIM card

Co-op squares up against Tesco - launches own pay as you go SIM card
The Co-op is going mobile

Not one to be left behind, The Co-operative has launched its own MVNO mobile network, operating off the back of EE.

SIM cards will be available in store or can be ordered online or over the phone and The Co-operative promises low prices for both national and international calls, with calls to other Co-op mobiles coming in at 4p per minute, calls to other local, national and mobile numbers costing 8p per minute and international rates starting at just 2p per minute.

Data meanwhile costs 5p per megabyte and texts are 4p per message, or 2p if sent to another Co-op mobile.

Network overload

The Co-op is a little late to the party, as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's all already have their own mobile networks, but the food store claims that its SIM card will be sold in more outlets than any other supermarket brand SIM card, with over 3,800 Co-op Food stores set to stock the card this month.

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