Capped mobile roaming rates about to start in EU

Roam, roam on the range, where the surfing and downloads do pay

Brits in Europe will be limited to a maximum of £45's worth of phone usage as part of the EU directive on roaming.

The limit is in place to make sure that massive bills are not run up accidentally and hopefully stop the fairly regular 'man gets £1,000 bill after watching Top Gear on phone in Spanish hotel' stories.

Customers will be warned when they are getting close to their limit and then have their usage heavily restricted at the cap.

Ring to restore

The customer can then ring the mobile operator to insist that they do know how much data costs per meg when it's not on their usual home rate and that they can indeed afford to pay the bill, at which point they will be allowed to carry on surfing.

It's a sensible idea, especially if the necessary phone number to get the cap lifted is included in the warnings.

And maybe, just maybe, it will stop people from getting confused at just why they owe the phone companies a King's ransom just from downloading a couple of 2GB TV shows and browsing through their mates' Facebook photos whilst lying on a Marbella beach.

Via Recombu