Best internet phone: how to make the most of the web on the go

How can you get the best internet phone experience?
Getting the most of the internet on the go

The latest figures from YouGov show that 59% of the UK population now own a smartphone, with 99% set to upgrade to a smartphone when their contract expires. Given surfing the web is one of the most popular things to do on your diminutive device, which is the best phone to do it on?

Given that the history of the mobile web is still relatively new, many can still remember the basic WAP service from the turn of the century, beginning with the Nokia 7110.

Like it or not, we have to give a lot of credit for the rise of the mobile web to the influence of Apple and the iPhone. With a mobilised version of Safari on the original iPhone, Apple showed things didn't have to be a snail-paced monochrome experience.

iPHone 5S

As we approach the end of 2013, we can now marvel at what today's modern smartphones can put in our hands. Powerful quad core (and a laptop-esque 64-bit chip in the iPhone 5S) hardware as well as large Full HD screens show off the mobile, and even not so mobile, web in all its sparkling glory.

Advancements in web technologies, ever improving mobile battery life, coupled with the rise in free and public Wi-Fi access mean that now mobile internet browsing is not just an alternative to desktop browsing, but is often the first port of call.

The rise of super-fast 4G has also managed to help speed things along. Whilst it might still be in its infancy in the UK, it has grown across the globe and now dominates international markets, like the US and many parts of Europe and Asia.

There are also a wide variety of third party browsers, meaning that you don't always have to stick to what's on offer.

There are even mobile browsers that are compatible with smart watches, so the burning question is: in this modern world of these gadgets and smartphones, just which is the best phone out there to access the web?

To answer that, here's our selection of the best phones to browse the mobile web, with selections for the best user experience, the greatest screen, the futuristic 4G technology, a super speedy processor or just an amazing browser.