Apple requests Samsung patent retrial over claim for billions, not millions

Apple requests another Samsung patent retrial
Millions? Pah! How about billions?

In news that'll have tech fans everywhere reaching for the cyanide capsules, Apple has decided wasn't given due damages in its most recent legal battle with Samsung and wants a retrial.

Earlier in May a California judge awarded Apple $119m (around £70.7m, AU$129m) after agreeing its Korean giant had infringed on two of its patents.

Good news for Apple right? Well no. It wanted more than twenty times that figure, having set out to gain $2.2 billion (around £1.3bn, AU$2.4bn) from the case.

So, Cupertino's lawyers are pulling themselves out of the corner to go one more round, and this time they're asking for $3.2 billion (about £1.9bn, AU$3.46) plus another few million in interest payments.

Deliberate strategy

In it's request to the court for a retrial Apple alleges it has not been properly compensated for Samsung's deliberate attempts to copy the disputed 'click to call' and 'slide to unlock' features.

In its filing Apple wrote that Samsung's internal development documents "reflected its deliberate strategy of copying hundreds of software features from the iPhone, including Apple's patented "slide to unlock."

On May 17th Apple and Google reached an accord, deciding to end all patent litigation against one another. However, Apple made clear there was no chance of it dropping its complaints against Samsung. Here's the first evidence of that vow.

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