Apple Maps turn by turn navigation delayed in Australia

Apple Maps
Turn-by-turn navigation in Australia has been delayed

Apple just can't seem to win with Maps. After initially being panned, and possibly causing Scott Forstall to fall on his sword, its turn-by-turn offering has been delayed in Australia.

Initially scheduled to be rolled out in October alongside a wide selection of other countries, the Apple website now claims that turn-by-turn will be launched in Australia in November.

There's no more specific details than that, and no explanation of the delay, although it could be that Apple is attempting to get back on track by offering a service that works when it launches.

The other missed deadline

Australian turn-by-turn navigation isn't the only Apple product to miss deadline. Originally promised at the iPhone 5 launch for the end of October, iTunes 11 has yet to appear.

Again, there is no explanation for the delay, but the most obvious case would be that the software wasn't ready for a mainstream release.

Via: SMH

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