All Android 3.0 features coming to phones

Android 3.0 features should all be making their way to phones

After all the will-they-won't-they of Google's Android 3.0 OS coming to mobile phones, a Google employee has tweeted that all the features will indeed make their way to Android phones.

Further details are scarce, although an updated version of Gingerbread is set for an imminent release making Honeycomb apps compatible with its smaller-screen compadres.

Whether all the features will be included in this apparently incremental update, or whether some will be saved for the next version (Ice cream?) remains to be seen.

Good old Twitter

The full tweet from Dan Morrill, Android Open Source & Compatibility Tech Lead, reads: "Honeycomb runs all existing Android apps; all the APIs & features will come to phones in some form. Just a matter of time."

While we probably won't see all Honeycomb's features make it to all phones – the Sony Ericsson X10, for example, isn't getting any more Android OS updates – most recent Android handsets should see the upgrades from the tablet-tastic OS.

Now all we need to know is when, eh Google?

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