A blue iPhone 7? Surely not

iPhone 6S

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 officially launched all eyes are now on the iPhone 7, but it seems one mobile network has got a bit excited and revealed some potentially new details in a teaser, including the possibility of a new blue color.

In a picture posted to Facebook by China Unicom (and since removed, but not before TechOrz spotted it), there's an image of a seven, made up of part of the body of a phone and split into four colors.

Three of those colors look like the Gold, Rose Gold and Silver options we're expecting to see the iPhone 7 in, but the fourth is a blue color. Rumors of a deep blue color had popped up before, but more recently it seemed we'd be getting a 'Space Black' shade instead, so this image calls that into question.

iPhone 7 teaser

No change to the name

The fact that there's a seven in the picture also suggests the new phone will indeed be called the iPhone 7, despite rumors that it might not be as it's set to be a modest upgrade.

You can also see what appears to be a dual-lens camera, which is thought to be coming to the iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Pro, but probably not the standard iPhone 7.

As the image comes from a major mobile network it's worth taking seriously, but given that we can't read the Chinese it's possible there's been some misinterpretation, especially as there hasn't been much talk of a blue handset.

The fact that the original post was taken down suggests the network was sharing something it shouldn't have been, which adds legitimacy to it, but also means we can't view and verify the source, so for now we wouldn't count on getting a blue iPhone.

James Rogerson

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