8 cool things to look forward to at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress... what are you hoping to see?
Mobile World Congress... what are you hoping to see?

Anyone that looks longingly at the latest mobile phone will be counting down the days until Mobile World Congress starts each year, as that's the time when all of 2009's secrets will be revealed.

What's going to be the big thing? Which company will make the biggest splash? TechRadar takes a look at all the highlights that are keeping us awake at night in anticipation.

1. Android
To say there may be an Android handset released is an understatement... aside from the Samsung announcement that it will not be bringing one to MWC, the likes of Huawei are certain to, and TechRadar thinks around 5-10 more will pop up too... could this be the launch of the G2 as well? The pictures have certainly been doing the rounds.

Expect something Android from the likes of Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and more... this could really be Google's mobile year.

2. Windows Mobile 6.5
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Windows Mobile 6.5 is coming at MWC, after the amount of screenshots. There will probably be some bigger changes to the OS as well, given that My Phone has shown its face officially, so our mobile phones could be more connected than ever before.

3. More touchscreens
OK, it's hardly exciting, but what is good about this is that more touchscreens means more chance that the technology will evolve. Palm is likely to announce its European version of the Pre, and that interface is certainly as good as Apple's. Will another company raise the bar this year?

4. 3D
Like CES 2009, 3D mobile phones could be popping up here and there. While it won't be the same glasses and forward motion we're seeing on TVs, it will likely be a lot more depth perception and interactivity with the handsets.

If nothing else, 3D will always be cool... though we'd prefer holograms that would lift off the screen, meaning we could chat to real people.

5. Tougher handsets
There seems to be a swing towards handsets that won't break in these times of economic hardship, with the likes of Sonin and Samsung both bringing out phones that can be run over, stamped on, dropped in things and so on.

TechRadar will be there to throw handsets at walls, so we'll let you know if our manly strength outwits those product designers.

6. Motorola to come back firing
Motorola may have been slipping the rankings recently, but that hasn't stopped it 'accidentally' leaking some rather nice looking handsets. Not only that, but this company is likely to bet big on Android, so don't be surprised if Moto sees a chance to make a big push back to prosperity in Barcelona.

7. New players in mobile manufacture
Garmin-Asus is a partnership that sprang up almost out of nowhere in recent weeks, and already it's announced two phones. Toshiba's TG01 has caught people by surprise too, and there are several other members of the Open Handset Alliance that could poke their heads around the manufacture door.

8. Things you don't need, but want anyway
If there's a new way to do something, a company somewhere will have brought it to market. So we're talking mobile projectors, new ways to message, new form factors, phones made of magic and angel tears... and you can be that if it happens, TechRadar will be there playing, fiddling and taking pictures until we're told kindly, and then firmly, to go away.

Gareth Beavis
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