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Google Voice - the only number you'll ever need

Google Voice - you only need one number
Google Voice - you only need one number

Google has taken the wraps off the GrandCentral project it has been working on for nearly two years and unveiled Google Voice.

The service will build on the work done by the original GrandCentral phone service, acquired by Google for over £30million in 2007, but with loads of bug fixes and a whole host of new features, like voicemail transcription.

Users will be given a new number which will have access to your work, mobile and home numbers, as well as the ability to interact with your text and email accounts.

People phoning you will be given the option to be forwarded to any of your numbers, although you'll be able to specify auto-routing of certain numbers if you know you want them to come to your work or mobile for instance.

Users will be able to make cheaper voice calls as well using the new Google Voice service, although we're still waiting to find out how much it will be in the UK, other than 'a lot less than usual'.

Read your voice

Voicemail to text will be performed automatically and shown in the Google Voice inbox, as well as users being given the option to forward the messages to a text or email account.

Google will highlight any garblings that it thinks won't be able to translate properly, although it has promised to improve this quickly.

You can also search through the listings, where all your voicemails will be saved rather than your phone company deleting them after three weeks or so.

The service is only available for those with a GrandCentral account at the moment, although it's likely Google Voice will be opened up to the entire public in the near future.

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