Apple joins forces with its biggest apps to save the Earth

Apple and its Apps
Apple and its Apps

Apple has teamed up with some of the biggest apps in its store, including Angry Birds 2, Candy Crush and Cut the Rope: Magic, to help improve the Earth with charity WWF.

All of the proceeds from those apps will go towards conservation projects until April 29, and App Store customers will also be able to engage with exclusive content for the campaign.

Apple's continuing the eco theme with a refresh of its environmental page and by turning the leaf of its logo green in stores across the world from April 15.

The #appsforEarth project includes a veritable who's who of major players, with Rovio and ZeptoLabs offerings joined by ones from Disney, King and Under Armor.

Here's the full list:

Angry Birds 2 (Rovio Entertainment; Finland) focuses on protecting our oceans with a limited-time event that includes three exclusive levels and an all-new power-up. Players will be challenged to stop the dastardly piggies from overfishing.

Best Fiends (Seriously; US) players can engage in an Apps for Earth quest consisting of fun puzzle levels set in the Yangtze River region in China. To help solve the puzzles, players can purchase unique Panda Pals for a limited time.

Candy Crush Soda Saga (King; Malta) features a live in-game event, Bamboo Hill, which players can experience on the weekends of April 15 and April 21 to help conserve our planet.

Cooking Dash 2016 (Glu Games Inc.; US) features an all-new "Eats for Earth" show for players to enjoy. With help from can-do waitress Flo, players work to prepare a menu of new dishes using sustainable ingredients. Aspiring chefs can also purchase in-game items to help cook responsibly.

Cut the Rope: Magic (ZeptoLab; Russia) offers all-new and exclusive puzzle levels where Om Nom magically transforms into an adorable panda inspired by the now famous sneezing panda meme.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 3.0 (Disney; US) players can purchase an exclusive Apps for Earth bundle consisting of Nick, Judy and Baloo figures, as well as Power Disks. Players will also experience a set of new Toy Box levels.

Dragon City (Social Point; Spain) features the exclusive Panda Island, which includes six new dragons inspired by WWF's core focus areas.

Hay Day (Supercell; Finland) players can purchase a new Bag of Diamonds from the game's shop to receive an exclusive Panda Statue decoration and the opportunity to display the WWF logo on their roadside shop for the duration of the campaign.

Hearthstone (Blizzard Entertainment; US) players can purchase the new hero, Kahadgar, who will unlock arcane power and protect against evil.

Jurassic World: The Game (Ludia; Canada) will feature exclusive content such as new "Legendary" dinosaurs, brand new decorations, energy-generating turbines and more.

Kendall & Kylie (Glue Games Inc.; US) players can participate in a new in-game quest and event supporting water conservation, while earning ocean conservation-themed clothing, accessories and more, through the purchase of unique water droplets. Plus, players can take and share selfies inside the exclusive WWF-branded selfie booth.

LINE (LINE; Japan) users can share a limited-edition sticker set with their friends as they celebrate Apps for Earth and beyond.

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum (LINE, Japan) players can purchase a Ruby to earn a very special, limited-edition Earth pin that users will be able to display with pride.

Map My Run+ (Under Armour; US) athletes can participate in "Run Nature", a fitness challenge encouraging their global community to log as many miles (walks, runs, and bike rides) as possible. Users can unlock custom badges along the way that represent nature's finest after completing a distance associated with each legendary location.

MARVEL Contest of Champions (Kabam; US) will offer a limited-time bundle called the "WWF Power Pack" which includes 3-star Hulk and a Go Green ticket to access a special in-game quest.

Peak (Brainbow; UK) players will protect the environment while training their brain; players will guide Billy the Hawksbill turtle through the sea, eating as much jellyfish as possible, while dodging plastic bags, fishing nets and other ocean obstacles.

Procreate (Savage Interactive; Australia) offers their creative community an exclusive set of brushes inspired by the natural world, and handmade by Kyle T. Webster.

Recolor (Sumoing Ltd; Finland), the world's favorite Coloring Book, celebrates Apps for Earth with 10 featured artists who have designed unique coloring pages across WWF's six pillars.

SimCity BuildIt (EA; US) players can create ocean preserves to safeguard marine life, grow and sustain lush forests, and create wildlife habitats to protect endangered species.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (EA; US) fans will have a chance to assemble their Ewoks in an epic battle to protect the forest moon of Endor. Players can also purchase store bundles and participate in a multi-tiered special event where players will need to form their squad of Ewoks to fight against the Empire and push them off the forest moon for good.

The Earth by Tinybop (Tinybop Inc., US) is offering three brand new interactive features focused on Forest, Energy and Water to further help spark conversations between kids and parents about what we can all do to help the planet from picking up trash or choosing a bike ride over a car ride.

Trivia Crack (Etermax; Argentina) players can challenge themselves to WWF-inspired facts and trivia when they purchase custom characters based on each of the six WWF pillars.

Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar (Ultimate Guitar; US) users will jam out to environmentally-themed songs as well as experience new tools, lessons and more.

VSCO (Visual Supply Company; US) photographers can purchase a new WWF preset that enhances the lights and colors of natural settings, and is ideal for landscape and wildlife photography.

WWF Together (World Wildlife Fund; US) will bring users the story of a new and limited edition feature, called Earth, where users will view a 360° panoramic image of Earth from space, immerse their iPhone in digital water and see stunning photography and video of the planet.

Yoga Studio (Gaiam Inc; US) is cultivating gratitude for our planet with two new collections: Earth Salutations, featuring six new yoga classes, and a set of inspiring Earth Meditations.

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