Peloton launches supercharged new exercise bike for interactive home workouts

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A few days ago, rumors began to circulate that Peloton had some new launches up its sleeve, and it appears that those murmurings were correct – the company has just revealed a pair of new devices for interactive home workouts: a high-end exercise bike called the Peloton Bike+, and a more affordable new version of the Peloton Tread treadmill.

These new additions mean there are now four machines in Peloton's lineup, at different price points to make interactive workouts available to more people.

The original Peloton Bike will go on sale at the reduced price of $1,895 / $2,495 CAD /£1,750 / €2,145 in the in the US, Canada, North America, and Germany from September 9. That's a hefty discount from the current price, and puts it in line with a regular premium spin bike.


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The new Peloton Bike+ will go on sale for $2,495 / £2,295 / $3,295 CAD / €2,690 at the same time, and includes several hardware and software features requested by users.

There's a new 23.8-inch rotating HD touchscreen, which means you don't have to load the Peloton app on your TV when you want to switch from cycling to floor exercises, plus a four-speaker sound system to make classes more immersive.

The new Gymkit feature lets you pair an Apple Watch with the Bike+ with a tap, and Auto Follow automatically scales the bike's resistance for you.

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The new Peloton Tread will be available to buy in the UK from December 26 (just in time for New Year's resolutions) priced at £2,295. Runners in the US and Canada will be able to pick one up early in 2021 for $2,495 / $3,295 CAD, and it will be available those in Germany a little later.

The new Tread is essentially a streamlined version of Peloton's current treadmill, with a smaller 23.8-inch HD touchscreen, integrated speakers rather than a soundbar, and a smaller footprint.

The existing Peloton Tread will be re-branded the Peloton Tread+, and will be available in the US only for $4,295.

"Our goal is to be the go-to at-home fitness solution for as many people as possible," said Peloton’s CEO and co-founder John Foley, "and with these new product launches, we’ll be able to offer access to Peloton’s best-in-class fitness content at various price points, depending on what consumers are looking for, especially in a world where people are increasingly working out at home.”

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