Outriders inventory wipe bug is finally fixed (but maybe not for everyone)

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(Image credit: Square Enix)

Outriders has been patched to fix its scary inventory wipe bug, although do note that at the moment, this solution is all about stopping the glitch happening to more players – not remedying those who have already been affected.

The ‘inventory wipe prevention patch’ is out now on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation and Xbox (but there’s no mention of Google Stadia).

Square Enix posted to clarify that: “If your inventory has been impacted, please note that our efforts to restore your items are a separate process from today’s released patch.”

As mentioned, this patch is about stopping the problem happening to more gamers, with the restoration process not needing a client-side patch. That will be run server-side, and Square Enix states that it will have some news on exactly when items (or at least most items – although there’s no guarantee for anything of blue rarity) will be restored “very soon”.

Square Enix added: “While we are confident that the patch will prevent inventory wipes in future, we do want to use the weekend to continue monitoring the situation and ensure that no more players are encountering any related issues before we move onto the restoration process.”

Now you see it…

There’s another thing to note here – a glitch is still present as follows: “Some players may occasionally encounter multiplayer connectivity issues followed by inventory items being momentarily invisible. This is a known and only temporary behavior that is part of our three-step inventory safeguarding measures.

“Restarting your game or waiting a few minutes and then restarting your game should make your items appear again.”

The ‘should’ in that last sentence isn’t overly comforting, and the developer has asked for players to provide reports of any inventory wipes which have occurred after applying this patch.

Unfortunately, in the Reddit thread where that request was made of players, there are a number of scattered reports of people still apparently having been hit by the bug – but at least there aren’t many. Hopefully these ‘edge cases’ will remain few and any outlying problems can be tackled (and do note that a good deal of folks posting on the thread are complaining about pre-patch issues, sadly, even when it was clearly stated to keep those problems out of it).

As for the inventory being ‘momentarily invisible’ issue, that will be remedied in a future patch, the developer promises.

The Outriders inventory bug got worse after the first major patch for the game came out, so solving it quickly has obviously been of paramount importance.

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