Optus' new SubHub lets you bundle your subscriptions together and score discounts

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The number of streaming services in Australia is continuing to grow, and if you feel like it’s hard to keep track of what you’re paying for (and what you’ve cancelled) Optus has launched a new service to help.

The Optus SubHub will list your subscriptions in one place for easy management and, as an incentive, Optus is giving users the chance to save up to 10% on their subscription payments when they add three or more to SubHub.

At launch, Amazon Prime (and all its included services like Prime Video, Prime Reading and Prime Gaming) is the major subscription service that can be added to SubHub, but more are on the way – Optus says Netflix, Paramount Plus, BritBox and Fetch TV are all coming soon, as well as documentary streaming service iwonder.

It’s not only for video streaming services either – you’ll be able to add other subscriptions at launch including Kindle Unlimited, the meditation app Calm, news aggregator Inkl and Optus Sport.

The real benefit of using SubHub though is the ability to save on your subscriptions. If you add at least two, you’ll save 5% on the total cost of both, and if you add three or more, you’ll save 10% on all subscriptions.

Not all streaming services are eligible to be added to SubHub, however, and some prominent streamers are noticeably absent, such as Stan, Disney Plus and Foxtel-owned properties Binge and Kayo. That said, considering Telstra owns a stake in Foxtel, we can’t imagine Binge or Kayo will be available on SubHub anytime soon.

The biggest caveat of SubHub is that you’ll need to be an Optus customer to use it, as it’s available through the My Optus app or through the SubHub website. If you’d like to check it out but you’re not an Optus user, take a look at the telco’s mobile plans below. As an added bonus, Optus customers can get 12-months of Amazon Prime for free as well.

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