Opera GX has a Christmas easter egg for you - alongside making videos crisper

Opera GX with its new evergreen theme
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As we wrap up our presents and 2022, Opera has one more gift for users of its gaming-focused Opera GX web browser - a new green theme that's cleverly hidden away in code.

Users of the Opera GX browser can switch on this new theme by going to opera://settings and applying code in their Opera web browser. You'll find detailed instructions on the exact steps just below.

The company is no stranger to hiding easter eggs across its products - in the mobile app of Opera GX for iOS and Android, you could unlock a 'Veggie' theme to mark Halloween back in October.

That's not the only feature it's brought out recently, either - a new 'Lucid Mode' enables users on Opera to sharpen videos on most webpages such as YouTube and DailyMotion with the click of a button. 

But let's not get in the way of the new theme that you want to enable - it's as easy as typing in a certain phrase to mark the holidays..

How to enable the Evergreen theme

Opera GX Evergreen theme in macOS Ventura

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Open up Opera GX on the desktop or on iOS and Android, then go to easy setup, which is the three lines found on the top-right corner of the window. This should display options such as Start Page, Appearance and Theme.

Once this sidebar is showing, type in xmas22, and the evergreen theme will be enabled, and also be shown as an option too.

It's as simple as that, and you've now got a Christmas tree green theme ready to use.

Easter eggs are always fun to see in a product - they're as old as hidden videos in a DVD, or even referenced in TV shows such as the 'Blink' episode in Doctor Who, but seeing them in web browsers is few and far between.

Fortunately, the team at Opera is more than happy to add some to its products, and hopefully in 2023, there's only going to be more of these, ready to find across almost every holiday.

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