Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons could one day come in a new bendy style

(Image credit: Future)

The Nintendo Switch could be getting new, hinged Joy-Con controllers, if a patent posted online is to be believed. 

Found over at, a patent tracking site, the proposed Joy-Con redesign would see the top third of a Joy-Con (where the left analogue stick sits, and the X, A, B,Y buttons on the right hand side) bend over at an angle behind the Switch's screen.

When not in handheld mode, they could articulate further, with another figure showing the casing being even more flexible, so as to offer a smooth curve in the hand.

More Joy, less Con

As ever when it comes to a patent, its existence is no indication that an actual product is in development. But if there's been one area of the excellent Nintendo Switch open to criticism, it has been the Joy-Con controllers.

Though their adaptability is to be praised, they've been plagued with connectivity issues, while the decision to move away from a proper D-Pad design rankled some fans. Likewise, some of the buttons can feel minuscule in larger hands.

From the Power Glove to the Wiimote, Nintendo is no stranger to unusual controller designs though, so don't be too surprised if this does make an appearance in some form in the future.

Gerald Lynch

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