Nintendo Switch could get a new Super Smash Bros game

In a recent interview Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aimé strongly hinted that we could see a Super Smash Bros game released on the new Nintendo Switch console.

Talking to Katie Linendoll during a Facebook livestream, he said that “Smash is obviously one of our best-selling franchises” and that a main Nintendo development philosophy  is “to have at least one [each] of our classic franchises” on “every platform.”

“There's gonna be one great Super Mario experience, there's gonna be a great Zelda experience” he said, “so you can expect, you can anticipate at some point in the future, who knows when, that all of our franchises will be addressed. We know that the fans love these games, love this content, so stay tuned.”

Smash hit

Considering, as Fils-Aimé says himself, Smash is one of Nintendo’s biggest selling IPs it would be extremely surprising if it didn’t make an appearance on the Switch in some form or another. 

With Zelda, Super Mario and Mario Kart all confirmed to be expanding onto the new console, Super Smash Bros is the next big name for the company to tick off its list. 

Though it’s not a solid confirmation with any kind of intended release window attached, it’s exciting to get hints into Nintendo’s plans for big future first party releases. 

Interestingly, Fils-Aimé also doesn’t rule out the possibility of cloud saves or VR/AR support coming to the console. When asked about the possibility of cloud saves he replied “wouldn’t that be wonderful” though added he had “nothing to announce today.” 

When it comes to VR and AR technology he said that though Nintendo has nothing planned currently as the market is still in its very early stages, Nintendo may get involved in the future if it seemed to be appealing to a wider market. 

This has, however, been the company’s approach to the technology for some time now. 

In the rest of the interview, Fils-Aimé reiterated things he’s said fairly recently, including the fact that video streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime would come to the console in time, that the Switch would have no impact on the continued support of the Nintendo 3DS, and that the console is still Nintendo’s fastest selling of all time based on the five day sales figures. 

Emma Boyle

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