Nintendo has at least one surprise Switch game coming out in 2019

Nintendo Switch 2019
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Tokyo-based Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki claims to have learned straight from the source that Nintendo has at least one more unannounced Nintendo Switch game for 2019 that "fans would be delighted to know."

The Wall Street Journal reporter shared the tidbit of news via Twitter, inviting followers to share their hopes for which of Nintendo’s many franchises would be the subject of this new game supposedly due out during Nintendo’s 2019 financial year, or between April 2019 and March of next year.

It’s likely that Nintendo has shared this sliver of news with Mochizuki so as to give fans and prospective new customers something new to look forward to in 2019 now that the hotly anticipated Metroid Prime 4 has been set back in development.

[Update: Nintendo has also now confirmed the titles of the next mainline Pokemon games for Nintendo Switch – Pokemon: Sword and Shield – though as the 2019 release date was already confirmed, we expect there's still something yet to come...]

Well, what do the people want?

In the responses to Mochizuki’s tweet, there appears to be an overwhelming desire for a revival of Nintendo’s F-Zero futuristic racer franchise, which hasn’t seen a new game in almost 15 years. (And, that last game didn't even make it out of Japan.)

Other notable game series that the reporter’s followers called out as ones "fans would be delighted to know” are coming include either remakes or sequels in the Earthbound series, a fourth Pikmin game and an update to the Paper Mario series among others. It appears from this sample of fans that there’s a want for Nintendo’s rare roleplaying and strategy games as well as its (distant) second most popular racing franchise.

Whatever this mystery game ends up being, it will ultimately have to compliment an in-house 2019 game lineup including entries in the Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Luigi’s Mansion, Pokemon and Yoshi franchises. So, the selection could definitely use another more mature game or two, a perfect fit for F-Zero.

This too could just be wishful thinking on our part, so wait along with us for a likely future Nintendo Direct announcement – hopefully before E3 2019.

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