New Nest Thermostat is Google's most affordable smart home heat monitor yet

(Image credit: Google)

Google has unveiled its first new Nest Thermostat hardware in three years – just in time for the Christmas rush, ready to tweak your heating and your air-con based on your usage habits.

The big change here isn't so much in design or feature set, but in pricing. Launching in North America and Canada for pre-order on October 12 (we're still waiting on global availability), it'll be priced at just $130, a significant saving over the $169 RRP of the Thermostat E.

With the added value on energy monitoring savings a smart thermostat can bring, that's a decent long-term saving to be had.

Sleek, colorful design

If anything, the new Nest Thermostat 2020 model has a stripped-back design. Now coming in four colors – white, a warm pink, dark grey and a very pale green – it doesn't need a common wire for set up, making use of a pair of AA cell batteries for back up.

The smart thermostat has a "smooth mirror" display for keeping an eye on temperatures and heating routines, but it isn't a touchscreen. Instead, taps and swipes on the side of the new Nest Thermostat let you control its functions – and you can of course use its accompanying smartphone app, or speak to it using a smart voice assistant like the Google Assistant.

Features like a Savings Finder and alerts for heating issues with boilers and air conditioning units are still available with the new cheaper model, and if you happen to be with an energy provider such as ComED or Duke Energy, you can benefit from rebates for using the device, too.

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