New iPad Pro 2021 is the best tablet money can buy - and it's out today

iPad Pro 12.9 2021
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Apple's latest iPad Pro for 2021 is out now, and we've just named the 12.9-inch version the best tablet money can buy. It now takes the crown at the top of our best tablet and best iPad buying guides.

We've yet to review the 11-inch version of the tablet, but we've said the 12.9-inch is a best in class product alongside our 4.5-star review of the slate. Why didn't it get the full five stars? That's mostly down to its extraordinarily high price, which means it won't be for everyone.

If you're happy to pay $1,099 / £999 / AU$1,649 or more, you'll find the new iPad Pro 12.9 is the best slate you can pick up right now. It's designed for those who need specialist features, so we encourage you to read our full review to ensure it's made for you.

In our full review we said, "The new iPad Pro 12.9-inch for 2021 is the best tablet money can buy, with top-end power, a fantastic display, a whole host of new smaller upgrades and an all-round experience that makes it a must-have for both Apple fans and those who want an unrivaled tablet experience. 

"It isn’t for everyone though, on account of its large size and high price tag, and you may be better served by another more portable and affordable tablet, but make no mistake: this is the best of the best."

We cited the new M1 chipset as a big highlight, but perhaps the most noticeable difference when compared to other products is its Mini LED display that offers fantastic picture quality and great brightness levels.

The new iPad Pro 2021 is out today (May 21) but it may be that you're unable to pick up the tablet if you haven't already pre-ordered. 

Stock seems to be limited from Apple, and many pre-ordering in the last few days have found they have to wait until June to receive their purchase. We've put together today's best deals for the tablet below.

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