New Galaxy S23 leak gives us one last glimpse before Galaxy Unpacked

A leaked render of the Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra in green on a blue background
(Image credit: Samsung / SnoopyTech)

On the eve of Samsung’s Unpacked 2023 event, multiple leaked images of the upcoming Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra smartphones have surfaced on the internet. We're covering all of the Galaxy S23 news as it breaks on our Samsung Galaxy S23 event live blog.

The photographs come from Twitter user Dylan Xitton who discovered the devices in a Chilean electronics store. It looks like certain retailers are showing off the phones a day ahead of the official reveal on February 1.

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Reportedly, the user posted a video of himself handling the S23 Ultra model, but it has since been taken down by Twitter after Samsung issued a copyright claim on the footage. So all we're left with are images of the line from different angles.

Galaxy S23 Ultra

These images give us a sneak peek at some of the S23 Ultra’s hardware. The marketing table reveals the phone will come with a 6.8-inch qHD resolution (2560x1440 pixels) screen and at least four cameras. We can spy packaging for at least two of the rumored colors: Phantom Black and Botanic Green.

On the surface, the phone looks very similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but according to Dylan Xitton, there is a slight difference. He claims the screen on the S23 Ultra isn’t as curved compared to the S22 Ultra with the new device having more pronounced edges. The user goes on to say writing notes feels more comfortable on the S23 Ultra 

Adding veracity

We know so much about the Galaxy S23’s hardware but very little about the software

For the other two models, there is no new information to be had. Much of what Dylan Xitton showed in his pictures was nothing new as a recent leaked specs sheet of the Galaxy S23 line already revealed the information it contained. If anything, the Twitter thread basically corroborates specs sheet. 

What is a little disappointing is we didn’t get a peak at any of the new features Samsung is putting into the Galaxy S23 line. The company did recently tease improved night photography on S23 Ultra and a new Pro mode for selfies. Nothing on any new gaming features or some special collaboration with Google. We know so much about the Galaxy S23’s hardware but very little about the software. 

All will be revealed soon. If you’re curious to know what Samsung’s new flagship phone is bringing at launch, be sure to check out TechRadar’s coverage for the Galaxy S23

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