New Amazon Echo gear on the way? Amazon teases big Seattle launch event

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At this rate, you’re going to need to build an extension on your house to accommodate all the Amazon Echo speakers out there: Amazon has just announced that it’s going to be hosting a large launch event in Seattle at the end of this month, September 25.

In what’s now becoming an annual tradition for the company, we’re expecting Amazon to reveal details on refreshed Amazon Echo speakers, as well as a likely expansion of its own-brand Alexa-enabled home appliances.

It was a bumper showcase last year, with not only fresh Echo Dot and Echo Plus speakers in the mix, but also all-new devices like Echo Wall Clocks and even microwaves.

What we want to see

With such a large range of devices in its portfolio, there’s plenty of potential for refreshes and brand new launches right across the board.

We’d love to see an extension of the Fire TV-in-an-actual-television trend that the company has kicked off this year. The Fire TV interface is robust and feature-rich, but so far it’s been paired with only middling TV panels; a premium set with Fire TV built in would be exciting to see.

The Amazon Echo Plus, though billed as Amazon’s premium sound system, is still lacking against the competition. So a real effort to make it as sonically capable as top-tier audio gear, while retaining an accessible price point, would be appreciated.

Plus, with the Amazon Echo Wall Clock finally available globally, perhaps a more feature-rich timepiece, a talking clock even, powered by onboard Alexa, would be a massive improvement over what we currently have.

We’ll be on the ground in Seattle to share all and any Amazon news as it happens, so keep checking back for more details shortly.

Gerald Lynch

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