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16-core Huawei ARM server board pops up

The Huawei D01
Behold, the Huawei D01

An ARM-based motherboard has been showcased by Chinese Telco giant Huawei with a 16-core ARM processor, possibly an unknown HiSilicon model.

The Cortex-A15 part is clocked at up to 1.5GHz and is, to our knowledge, the first product with so many cores.

Mediatek and Samsung have both announced processors, geared towards smartphones and tablets, with half that core count.

Great connectivity

The motherboard that houses it is known as the D01 and is a fairly substantial one by ARM's standards.

We couldn't help but notice the big heatsink as well which leaves us to believe that this is far from the finished product. It can accommodate three 2.5in SATA drives, two memory modules (DDR3 at 1.6GHz) and even has a PCI Express slot.

Other connectivity options include two GbE ports, a 10/100Mbit/s port, two USB connectors and a number of peripheral interfaces (SD, UART, I2C, MDIO etc). The board was listed on the Linaro website which is an organisation that aims to standardise the Linux Kernel on ARM.

It is therefore highly unlikely that it will be available commercially with its usage likely limited to developers. Expect a probable D02 model to come out with Cortex-A57 cores with the V8 architecture and full 64-bit compatibility.

Source ARMdevices