Netflix horror movie The Platform is getting a much-deserved sequel

Platform 2 prisoner using lighter
(Image credit: Netflix)

One of the best Netflix horror movies is back for a sequel, with the streaming service showing off a couple of teaser images as the film kicks off production.

2020’s The Platform was a Spanish horror hit for the, uh, platform – taking place in a vertical prison complex, where food rations gradually move down from the top on an elevator, leaving those lower down with increasingly small leftovers on which to survive. So far, so class analogy.

Netflix took to Twitter to show off the images for Platform 2, featuring the film’s new leads in the same kind of prison cell viewers will recognise from the original film:

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The sequel seems to have a brand-new cast, featuring The Night Manager’s Hoik Keuchkerian, and Tin&Tina’s Milena Smit – and should help to sate those somehow still hungry after the nauseating events of the first film. There’s no specific release date as of yet, or even a plot summary, but with production kicking off there should hopefully be news in the coming months.

Netflix seems in the business of horror these days, a number of new indie horror and slasher flicks throughout May.

If you want a real fright, though, just wait until that password crackdown kicks in…

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