Motorola Edge 2 leaked alongside three other new Android phones

Motorola Edge
The Motorola Edge (Image credit: Future)

The Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge Plus were announced in April 2020, and now a year later it looks like the Motorola Edge 2 could be on the way – as well as three other Motorola Edge models.

Evan Blass (a leaker with a great track record) tweeted the names of four new Motorola phones dubbed the Motorola Edge Sierra, Motorola Edge Berlin, Motorola Edge Berlin NA, and Motorola Edge Kyoto – though we’d expect these are codenames, since they don’t follow any of the company’s current naming schemes.

While Blass didn’t share any other details beyond the fact that all four are listed for this year, Techniknews and Adam Conway of XDA Developers have learned camera details for the Kyoto model from “reliable sources.”

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Apparently the Motorola Edge Kyoto has a 108MP main camera, with the same sensor as the Moto G60. It’s also said to have an 8MP ultra-wide camera, which can additionally take macro shots, and a 2MP depth sensor. Around the front there’s apparently either a 16MP or 32MP selfie snapper.

While the sources only revealed details about one model, they also claimed that all four phones are indeed in the works.

Based on these specs it’s likely that the Motorola Edge Kyoto is the lowest end of these models, given that handsets in the Edge range have quite good specs. It might therefore launch as the Motorola Edge Lite or similar.

The Berlin and Sierra then are probably the Motorola Edge 2 and Motorola Edge 2 Plus, with the Berlin NA likely being a slightly tweaked version of one of them for North America, but that’s all just speculation for now.

Given how little we know about these phones we probably won’t see them imminently, but don’t be surprised if at least some of them land in the next few months.

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