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HTC CEO expects sales of G1 to match iPhone

The G1 squares up to the iPhone
The G1 squares up to the iPhone

HTC's CEO Peter Chou has predicted the T-Mobile G1 with Google, manufactured by HTC, will ship roughly the same amount as the original iPhone in the same time period.

Such figures would make the G1 one of HTC's best selling phones in the company's relatively short history, and could cast aspersions over HTC's relationship with Microsoft, given the company has predominantly used Windows Mobile in its handsets so far.

But Chou was quick to dismiss such speculation according to moconews, saying: "Of course we are not de-prioritising Windows Mobile by any means. However, with Android we can do more."

Google will be pleased with the news, given that it is looking to quickly establish itself in a near-saturated mobile market.

Bigger and better

Chou also went on to state that the G1 would perform even better in 2009, though would not be drawn on specific figures, especially given the strong marketing pushes from the likes of Apple and RIM.

But he still believed the G1 would succeed in the US, very much an Apple stronghold, despite the company's less 'sexy' image: "HTC products are very pragmatic and productive. We have spent a tremendous effort to make our product better… It may not be as sexy as others. But it's very nice, very mature and a very good experience.

"Americans are very keyboard-oriented."