HTC accidentally leaks Touch 3G

The HTC Touch 3G
The HTC Touch 3G

HTC, fresh from accidentally putting info on the HTC Touch HD on the website before the press release came out, appear to have done the same thing with new handsets, the HTC Touch 3G and Touch Viva.

Although the press release has now comfortably circulated the world's press, the stats of the new devices were available on the website, and make some pretty nice reading.

HTC Touch 3G

The latest handset from the Taiwanese firm is fairly similar in specification to the Touch Diamond...but you've guessed it, with 3G connectivity!

It sports HSPDA 7.2mbps download speeds, which means should it come to Vodafone and / or 3 users should be able to take advantage in the UK.

The rest of the specs: a 3.2Mp camera, advanced GPS, 1100mAh battery, which should give 360 mins talktime on 3G networks.

256MB of internal flash memory are complemented by 192MB of RAM, all presented on a 2.8inch QVGA screen for watching...stuff. Like films and music videos.

A microSD card slot is also there for some lovely memory expansion when things are getting a little content heavy.

However, the QWERTY keyboard isn't present in the rounded chassis, which appears to come in a variety of colours, from weird dark brown ('Modern' Brown according to the press release) all the way up to gold. Lovely.

HTC Touch Viva

The Viva is a very similar handset to its bigger brother, only without the 3G connectivity and RAM capabilities.

It's likely to be significantly cheaper too, despite having a similar sized battery and only 1.2MP less in camera terms (2MP for the mathematically challenged.)

"The Touch Viva blends an affordable touch phone with the benefits of HTC's TouchFLO, an easy to use phone and an optimized mobile Internet experience.," blurbs the press release. Make of it what you will.

Both phones use the TouchFLO user interface, which allows you to ditch the stylus (mostly, let's not forget both of these use Windows 'we love pointy little sticks' Mobile 6.1. Oh, didn't we mention that? They do).

Available from the beginning of October, we'll bring you exact news of when we can expect to see these in the UK and who with as and when we get it.

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