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Belkin JoyPod gaming controller for iPhone

Belkin's new iPhone gaming control pad - out soon
Belkin's new iPhone gaming control pad - out soon

If Apple iPhone devotees are to be believed, then the iPhone and its much-touted App Store are going to revolutionise the mobile gaming scene.

Accessories manufacturer Belkin certainly seems to think that this is the case, as it is readying this iPhone controller you can see right here, which promises official App Store support.

Leaked document

iPhone or iPod Touch gamers will soon be able to buy and play games from Apple's App Store with Belkin's fetching control pad, which also features – according to the copy from a leaked ad for the device – eight buttons total (six on the front), audio output and a dock connector for power and syncing

The news from Belkin follows the report TechRadar brought you earlier this very month on the iControlPad project.