Will Amazon's budget 7in Kindle Fire HD scorch Google's Nexus HD plans?

Will Amazon's budget 7in Kindle Fire HD scorch Google's Nexus HD plans?
Amazon - fighting Nexus with Fire

Update: As well as a $99 Kindle Fire HD 7-inch would sell, it looks like that price point may not be in the cards for Amazon any time soon.

Business Insider retained a statement from an Amazon spokesperson who said, "It's not happening - we are already at the lowest price points possible for that hardware."

The operative word here may be "that" as the spokesperson could have been leaving room for a $99 regular Kindle Fire or other unknown piece of hardware.

We'll just have to wait to see if Amazon gets a little more talky down the road.

Original article...

Amazon may be planning to release a cheaper Kindle Fire HD 7-inch before the year is out.

The word comes from TechCrunch, whose mysterious sources say that the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD will come with a price tag of $99 (around £60, AU$95).

They add that the tablet will come with a TI processor similar to the rest of the Fire family, as well as the 1280x800 resolution already on the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD.

Money talks

The current 7-inch Kindle Fire HD sells for £159 in the UK and $199 in the US, so it'll be a fairly significant price drop if these rumours turn out to be true.

It may seem a little too significant a drop to possibly be real, but Amazon has a habit of selling its tech hardware at a loss and scooping up the difference by selling ebooks, films, music and apps through its mutated Android software once you've got it home.

It'll face some hefty competition though; many will be inclined to shell out a little more for the iPad mini, while others will go for the cleaner Android running on Google's Nexus 7, itself rumoured to be getting a reasonably-priced HD edition later this year too.

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