Week in Tech: G3 leaks, HTC tweaks, Ebay hacks and Apple slacks

Week in tech: leaks, beaks, Primes and crimes

There's a theory that Microsoft takes three attempts to get anything right. This week we saw the third incarnation of its Surface Pro, the laptop that thinks it's a tablet, and it seems to support the theory.

While Microsoft was showing off Surface, Ebay was suffering from a massive security breach, ex-iPhone users were getting angry and the smartphone rumour factory was going into overdrive. Let's news you up!

Third time's a charm

You'll never guess what Microsoft's called the third Surface Pro. Yes: Surface Pro 3. You've got to admit it's better than Microsoft Surface Tablet Computer Mobile Edition 2014, a name they probably considered.

Is it any good? Joe Osborne says it is: there's a really nice screen, a better Type Cover and improved stylus support. It's still pricey, though. One thing we didn't see was the rumoured Surface Mini, which Microsoft apparently canned at the last minute. Is that the end of Windows RT? It certainly looks like it…

LG: Leaking's Good

Do you have a secret? Then for God's sake don't tell LG, whose skills clearly don't lie in keeping schtum: with days to go before the official launch of the LG G3, almost all the important information appears to have leaked - including the fancy QHD screen LG hopes will attract specs-crazed smartphone fans.

Samsung gets Active

It's been literally minutes since Samsung launched a Galaxy smartphone, so another one must be imminent - and it is, in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. There's also the robust Samsung Galaxy S5 Active to look forward to - it's an S5 for outdoor types and those of us with butter fingers, and it's expected to hit US carriers later this year.

Excellent AAAA++++ Would hack again

Ebay isn't just for selling old junk and fending off scammers whenever you sell anything electronic. It's also for enormous security breaches that means every user needs to change their password RIGHT NOW. Need some advice on picking a strong one? We've got you covered.

Bird brains

Worst product name of the week goes to the EE Eagle, which we're going to pronounce Eeeeeeeeeeeeeagle from now on. The Eeeeeeeeeeeeeagle is a rebranded Huawei MediaPad M1 boasting 4G, an 8-inch screen and a low £199.99 price tag on Pay As You Go.

HTC's Prime mover

Whenever anyone mentions bad product names it's not long before HTC turns up, and this week was no exception: its latest smartphone, the HTC One M8 Prime, is a "super high-end" reboot of the HTC One M8. If rumoured specs are true, this Prime sounds awfully similar to Samsung's Galaxy S5 Prime - albeit with better camera hardware. Too pricey? There's a plastic HTC One M8 Ace on its way too, possibly as soon as next month.

Be in the Moto know

Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch is no longer the wrist-story of mystery: Motorola's given it a price, some details and a release date. You can expect to say "hello, Moto" in July for around $299 (about £178, AU$319) and it's expected to feature an OLED display and wireless charging. Matt Swider has all the info.

iMessage bug

Ex-iPhone users are encountering an annoying problem: whenever someone with an iPhone sends them a message, they don't get it. The problem is that Apple thinks they're still using iMessage - and iMessage doesn't work on non-iOS devices. But don't despair: we've got the fix for the iMessage bug here.

Meet Makelangelo

Maker Faire is a celebration of the Maker Movement, a high-tech grass-roots movement incorporating robots, 3D printing and enough goodies to make it a kind of Toys R Us for techies. We've collected the highlights including the latest 3D printing ideas and the brilliantly named Makelangelo, a robotic artist that will soon be able to make copies of itself.

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