Toshiba Regza AT700 tablet announced

Toshiba Regza AT700 tablet announced
Looks and sounds a lot like the AT200

Toshiba kicked off proceeding's at this year's CEATEC with news that it has created the world's thinnest tablet – the Toshiba Regza AT700.

TechRadar was in Japan to get a first glimpse of the tablet, which looks mightily similar to the one it announced in IFA in September - the AT200.

Considering the confusion we have had with Toshiba's tablet strategy with the Thrive and the Excite, we could well be looking at a very similar device, which is primed for the Japanese market.

Specs wise it sounds familiar too. The tablet is 7.7mm slim, weighs in a 558g, has a 10.1-inch display and has a number of ports as well.

Toshiba at700

The tablet also comes with Android 3.2, Resolution +, an audio enhancer and noise equaliser and 5MP camera,

Speaking about the tablet, Toshiba said at its press conference: "We are transcending the boundaries between PC and TV."

This boundary breaking will happen if you buy into the Toshiba eco-system. A technology called Regza link share allows users to share content across multiple platforms.

So, you will be able to stream video content from a Tosh Blu-ray to the tablet, and access PC information from the device. You will also be able to download recorded programmes from a digital recorder to the tablet.

The AT700 will be out in mid-December in Japan, with pricing to be announced.

Toshiba at700

Toshiba's hopes for the tablet are modest – it told the CEATEC crowds that: "more than 1 million tablet units should be sold globally and our tablet share should go up to 10 per cent, the same as our TV range."

Not exactly world beating, but at least the company is realistic about its chances against the iPad.

TechRadar is in CEATEC all this week, so keep coming back for more updates from the show.

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