The best accessories for your new tablet

Tablet Accessories
Transform your new tablet with these hot accessories

If you were lucky enough to find a brand new tablet waiting for you underneath the Christmas tree, you'll want to check out these fantastic accessories that can make using your new gadget even better.

We've searched high and low for the best accessories for some of the most popular tablets on the market today. These accessories can make your laptop more useful, prolong its battery life, protect it from damage and even completely reinvent the way you use them.

And even if you don't have one of the tablets below a lot of the accessories will work across most devices - so there's something for everyone!

iPad Air 2

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The iPad Air 2 is Apple's latest and greatest tablet, and as you'd expect for an Apple device, there are loads of fantastic accessories already available.

iPad Air 2 Smart Case

£54.99 ($74, AU$99)

iPad Air 2 Smart Case

Apple's case for the iPad Air 2 interacts with the tablet

Protect both the front and back of your precious iPad Air 2 with the Smart Case. Coming in a stylish leather design, the Smart Case cleverly interacts with your iPad Air 2, putting the tablet to sleep when you close the case and waking it up when you open it.

The Smart Case can also be folded to turn it into a handy stand to make watching movies or FaceTime chats easy and comfortable. It's not cheap, and there are good third party alternatives, but it's well made and does the job.

Western Digital My Passport Wireless

£150 ($174.12, AU$149)

Western Digital My Passport Wireless

Wirelessly expand the storage space of the iPad Air 2

Unlike some other tablets, the iPad Air 2 doesn't have a MicroSD slot for easily increasing the amount of storage space. That doesn't mean you're stuck with the capacity Apple's given you though.

The Western Digital My Passport Wireless allows you to store all of your photos, videos and music thanks to huge 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities. You can connect your iPad Air 2 up via Wi-Fi and wirelessly stream your media to your tablet.

ClamCase Pro

$169 (about £108, AU$207)

ClamCase Pro

Is that a MacBook? No, it's an iPad Air 2

Turn your new iPad Air 2 into a slim and sexy laptop that at first glance looks a lot like the MacBook Air with the ClamCase Pro.

There are cheaper keyboards for iPads out there, but none do the job so well – or as stylishly – as the ClamCase Pro. It clips on to the back of the iPad Air 2 and connects via Bluetooth for fast and accurate typing. You can also flip the case 360 degrees and use it as a stand as well.

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

£35 ($39, AU$48)

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Charge your iPad Air 2 anywhere in the world

The iPad Air 2 is a fantastic devices for watching movies, listening to tunes and reading eBooks, so there's a good chance you'll want to take it travelling with you.

Make sure you're able to charge it up no matter where you are in the world with Apple's World Travel Adapter Kit that comes with six AC plugs that let you safely charge up your iPad Air 2 around the world.

BOSE SoundDock Series III Speaker Dock

£170 ($249, around AU$305)

BOSE SoundDock Series III Speaker Dock

Get the party started with this excellent speaker dock

Turn your iPad Air 2 into the ultimate jukebox with this brilliant digital music system from Bose. Just place the iPad Air 2 into the dock and it will begin charging while it plays your music.

As you would expect from Bose, sound quality is awesome, featuring an acoustic design that offers big sound from a small device. A remote control is also included to let you control your tunes from the other side of the room.

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