Samsung has a new entry-level 8-inch tablet in the pipeline

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S2
The 2015 Galaxy Tab S2.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab series of tablets have impressed us in the past and it looks like the South Korean company is going to keep churning out new slates until it manages to wrestle a decent amount of market share away from Apple's iPad.

A new 8-inch model has been spotted thanks to it being granted Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certifications from the official bodies - these are the hoops every manufacturer has to jump through to get their goods on sale.

That would put it at the same size as the smaller 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, which achieved a respectable third place in our comprehensive list of the best tablets of 2015.

Android on the cheap

However, it looks like Samsung is aiming for a much lower price point this time around - the new slate, model number SM-T375S, was listed in an Indian database with a price around US$100 (roughly £70 or AU$135).

Prices around that level would put the new tablet firmly in the budget category, which is one way of distinguishing your wares from the devices that Apple puts out each year.

There are no other details of the tablet as yet and Samsung has said nothing officially, but it seems likely that the slate is due to arrive sometime in 2016 - perhaps its compact size and low price will suit those waiting for something to fill the Nexus 7 gap.

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