Purported casing leak might reveal Retina for iPad mini 2

iPad mini 2 casing

Images of what could potentially be the casing for Apple's iPad mini follow-up have leaked online.

The photos come courtesy of the Chinese Weiphone forum, showing a silver rear casing for an iPad mini.

Most immediately noticeable on the casing is that the Apple logo and text is a sky blue color, rather than the typical black.

After you get over the color distraction, the more important point is a more subtle difference from the current mini, in that the casing appears to indicate a thicker device that the existing model.

The iPad gained a little extra girth when Apple upgraded it to a Retina display, so a thicker casing in these alleged iPad mini 2 shots seem to point to some Retina presence in this model.

Apple feeling blue

Retina rumors are nothing new for Apple's next iPad mini, with reports earlier in February suggesting that the higher resolution displays are already in production.

The iPad mini 2's retina display is said to have a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, with a ppi of 324, doubling the current iPad mini's 1024 x 798 screen and packing more pixels than the iPad 4's 264 ppi.

The blue logo and text is a newer, if purely cosmetic, change for the device. It is difficult to read too much into it though, since it could just as easily be an unfinished factory sample as it could be a bold new selection of colors for the next iPad mini line.

As always, these rumors and leaks shouldn't be taken completely at face value. The thicker casing, for example, is based on eyeballing the images rather than an exact measurement.

That said, the leaked photos line up with everything that has been heard about the iPad mini 2 so far, and with production apparently well underway we could hear an official announcement sooner rather than later.

Via AppleInsider