New Nexus 7 lands at Three, but it's Wi-Fi only... unless you buy a Mi-Fi dongle

New Nexus 7 lands at Three but it s Wi Fi only unless you buy a Mi Fi dongle

Wi-Fi only models are a good option for most tablet buyers who use their device in the home and don't want to shell out for a data contract when they have a perfectly good smartphone in their pocket.

However, from a mobile network's perspective, it's a little weird that Three has started flogging the Wi-Fi only new Google Nexus 7 tablet, especially with its awkward workaround for the lack of mobile connectivity.

The £200 device is available to buy from the network now, but in-order to make use of mobile data, it is asking users to buy a Mi-Fi dongle which hooks up to the PC via Wi-Fi and then delivers 3G to the device.

For an extra £50 the company will sell folks a Huawei HSPA+ Mi-Fi dongle, which requires a £16 a month rolling contract, which offers 5GB of data, or a £50 upfront payment for 1GB of data a month.

Jumping through hoops

It's a strange move from Three given that it is still selling the 3G version of the original Nexus 7 tablet on its website.

However, while the network is asking a lot of customers to go to such lengths for a little mobile broadband, it should be pointed out that O2 retains 4G network exclusivity for the second-gen Google tablet.

Three, of course, isn't launching its 4G LTE network until December so perhaps we'll see a change in tact when the 4G-ready devices start hitting the network.

Via Android Central