New Kindle Fire, 7-inch Kindle Fire HD available in-store at Staples now

Kindle Fire HD
Staples now has the Kindle Fire HD available in-store

Though you could certainly order one of Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire tablets directly from the online retailer, you'd have to wait for bothersome shipping times to get your hands on the device.

The "long" wait can be skipped entirely if you happen to have a Staples nearby.

Starting today, the office supply retailer will host three new Kindle tablets for sale in-store, including the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD.

That was easy.

Amazon debuted the new Kindle devices just last week, and though there are two versions of the Kindle Fire HD available through Amazon, Staples will only be offering one version of the latest model.

That said, the 7-inch, 16GB Kindle Fire HD is no slouch in the specs department.

It's got a host of great features, including a 1200x800 HD display, an anti-glare display, a front-facing camera, and Dolby audio.

Staples will also be offering the reworked Kindle Fire, which is 40 percent faster than its predecessor, and the standard Kindle model, which retails for $69.

As for the Kindle Paperwhite, both the WiFi and 3G versions of that Kindle model are currently up for pre-order at the retailer, and should be available this October.

Via Engadget, Staples