Kindle owns Amazon top 10 list

Kindle owns Amazon top 10 list
The new Amazon Kindle family

Amazon's US top 100 electronics sales list has shown just how powerful its Kindle brand, with the all but the top offering made up of the various flavours of ebook reader, and the Kindle Fire tablet taking top slot with a bullet.

There was little doubt that the newly announced Kindle family would sell well, but even pre-orders have taken the rankings by storm.

It is Amazon's Android tablet the Kindle Fire which dominates; a $200 price point is seen as the key factor, and it looks as if the internet giant has got a smash hit on its hands.


Second place goes to the new entry-level special offer Kindle at $79 – with the thrift-seeker's ebook reader clearly catching the eye.

The more expensive Kindle Touch offerings are at positions three (Wi-Fi only) and four (3G), and the newly reduced $99 dollar old style Kindle – now called Kindle Keyboard is up to number five in the sales charts.

Kindle touch

UK Kindle

In the UK, the only new Kindle to be announced for sale is the keyboard-less new-style Kindle priced at £89 – and it is in at number one, with the £109 Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi only at number two and the 3G keyboard version at three.

We are still haranguing Amazon UK for a UK release date and prices for the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire but the company has steadfastly refused to give us one just yet.

That almost certainly suggests that the UK will not get the first generation products in 2011.

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