James Cameron: tablets will push 3D into the home

James Cameron: tablets will push 3D into the home
Portable devices with 3D the future

Tablets, laptops and desktop PCs are the key to 3D becoming mainstream in the home, according to director James Cameron, who sees these as the devices to deliver glasses-free 3D content which will become part of our daily lives.

Speaking to TechRadar at IBC, Cameron explained that while movies had done their job to get 3D recognised as a viable format for content, glasses-free 3D on tablets and other portable devices will show consumers that 3D shouldn't always be associated with glasses, and these will fill this role until autostereoscopic TVs finally make their way into homes.

Daily 3D diet

Talking about the eventual mass adoption of 3D, Cameron said to TechRadar: "We can't wait for glasses free 3D TVs. We can't wait for autostereoscopic displays, because right now the quality on them is too poor.

"There is a lot of technology that has to be worked out before we have high quality, full resolution autostereoscopic screens that are big screens, in the 40, 50, 60-inch range.

"Now smaller screens that are in the desktop, laptop, tablet size, where it is basically a single user model, you can do those right now. And you are going to see a lot more of those products coming to market over the next year and so.

"Then people will realise that 3D doesn't equal glasses, 3D only equals glasses in certain circumstances. And I think ultimately the tablets and laptops, people can toggle between 2D and 3D, and it will just become part of their diet."

You can read the full TechRadar interview with James Cameron here.

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