iPad mini 2 rocks up with Touch ID, and then without it

iPad mini 2 rocks up with Touch ID, and then without it
Will the mini be getting touchy feely?

The retina display might still be up for debate, but we may have more evidence that the iPad mini 2 will come flaunting a Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

That's what we're seeing in a leaked picture from German website 2014 News which shows the mini rocking the new security function.

Like the iPhone 5S, the sensor will sit in the home button allowing you to unlock the device using your biological signature.

But hold the iPhone - what's this we're seeing? A separate photo has appeared on Chinese social networking site Weibo (and picked up by CtechCN) which shows the iPad 5 with the Touch ID, and the iPad mini without it.


Someone's playing games

It just goes to show that even this late in the game there's still a bit of smoke and mirrors. We think it's likely we'll at least see Touch ID on the iPad 5 though. But at least one of these pictures is taking us for a ride.

We like the Touch ID scanner on the iPhone 5S. Letting you make payments without having to enter a password is especially useful and something we'd definitely use on the iPad.

We'll know everything for sure tomorrow at the big Apple event. Make sure to tune in, we'll be there breaking the news as it unfolds.

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