BlackBerry PlayBook with 10-inch display in the works?

BlackBerry PlayBook with 10-inch display in the works?
Will a bigger PlayBook appeal to more people?
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Research in Motion is set to reboot its beleaguered BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and the next incarnation may sport a bigger display.

According to some images leaked in the Tinhte forums, there's a 10-inch PlayBook in the works, as RIM eyes up the new iPad and the high-end of the tablet market.

The original PlayBook was a disappointment when it was launched; failing to live up to the BlackBerry way of doing things and missing some key features which resulted in poor sales for RIM's first slate.

BlackBerry PlayBook 10-inch LEAK

Credit: Tinhte

We can rebuild it... we have the technology

The tablet which appears in the leaked images appears to have an iPad-esque 4:3 aspect ratio, 10-inch display and a SIM card slot, apparently for 4G connectivity.

Design wise the tablet mirrors the smaller, original PlayBook with the glass front and rubberised back, however it looks like RIM may have added a LED flash next to the rear camera on the 10-inch model.

BlackBerry PlayBook 10-inch LEAK

Credit: Tinhte

RIM has already confirmed that it will launch a 4G LTE version of the original PlayBook before the end of the year, and according to a leaked roadmap a larger tablet is pegged for arrival in the middle of next year – codenamed Blackforest.

The 10-inch tablet which has shown up in these images could well be a prototype of the Blackforest slate, which is expected to ship with RIM's new BB10 operating system – although there are no shots of this larger tablet switched on – meaning it may just be a smart looking fake.

From Tinhte via Engadget

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