BlackBerry 10 device roadmap leaked

BlackBerry 10 device roadmap leaked
Still a while to wait for BB10 devices

We may have just got a sneak peek at RIM's revised plans for its BlackBerry 10 device roll out.

RIM initially said that it hoped to have at least one BlackBerry 10 device in the market before the end of the year, but those plans have now been scrapped after the firm announced its BB10 platform was being delayed until 2013.

Now BlackBerryOS has managed to get hold of a leaked RIM slide, which reveals when the Canadian firm plans to launch its first BB10 handsets.

BlackBerry 10 roadmap LEAK

Credit: BlackBerryOS

London and Nevada

According to the snapped document, the BlackBerry London and BlackBerry Nevada will arrive in Q1 of 2013 and the BB10 upgrade for the PlayBook will follow shortly after.

The handset images shown in this picture are the same as the ones we saw in another leak – outing the fully touchscreen London as part of the L-series, while the QWERTY keyboard touting Nevada will fall into the N-series of handsets.

That clever naming regime seems to point towards two further QWERTY keyboard handsets pegged for release next year, with the Nashville potentially arriving sometime in Q2/Q3 and Naples stepping out in Q3/Q4.

Blackforest, but no gateau

It's not just phones which are part of RIM's plans for BB10 though, with tablets also getting a look in.

The roadmap suggests we're still on course to see a 4G version of the BlackBerry PlayBook (aka Winchester 2) arrive before the year is out, and then a new slate, with a possibly larger 10-inch screen, is planned for Q3 of next year, codenamed Blackforest.

BlackBerryOS also claims that its sources revealed that BlackBerry 10 would be launched in Europe in the first week of January, three to four weeks before it's unveiled in North America.

RIM is not making any comment on its plans for BlackBerry 10 devices, so we're going to have to hold tight until next year to find out if this roadmap is indeed the real deal.

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