BlackBerry PlayBook 3G launches in the UK

BlackBerry PlayBook 3G launches in the UK
RIM is hoping to revive interest in the PlayBook

It's the gadget launch you've all been waiting for. Well actually it isn't, but anyway, RIM has launched a 3G version of the BlackBerry Playbook in the UK.

The 32GB-only tablet boasts mobile connectivity and is available for the rather ostentatious price-tag of £345.

You thought that was expensive? Add VAT and the whole thing comes out at £424.

That's only 25 quid shy of a 4G LTE-enabled 32GB Wi-Fi iPad mini and almost £200 more expensive than the new Google Nexus 7, which also boasts 32GB of storage and 3G connectivity.

Improved innards

The 7-inch slate also gets a faster 1.5GHz processor, just like its LTE-enabled cousin in the United States, and is available to buy now through the BlackBerry UK store.

The PlayBook has been a millstone around the brittle neck of RIM ever since it launched back in the spring of 2011.

Poor uptake was not helped by the OTT price-point, a lack of a native email client and a barren wasteland of a tablet app store.

What has happened since then to convince UK buyers in a bargain-saturated 7-inch tablet market that the PlayBook is a decent way to spend £424? Not a lot actually.

Via Engadget, BlackBerry UK

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