Asus teaser suggests dual-boot Android and Windows tablet for CES 2014

Asus teases some kind of hybrid tablet thing for CES 2014
Not 100% geographically accurate really

Asus' latest video teaser is intended to whet your appetite ahead of CES 2014. But what will the company be launching? Let's look at the clues:

We open on a seagull. We've had a think and don't think this is particularly indicative of any upcoming Asus products.

Next, we see the "Statue of Liberty" holding two fingers up: sure, it loves peace but there's another school of thought that says it is saying that this thing it's teasing is going to have some kind of double purpose, or that there will be two things. Or it's flicking the Vs at a passing boat.

Then there's the first "tablet" to consider, in the statue's left hand. It fills up green then goes back to blue. Hmm. Interesting.

Now let's look at the second tablet that the statue pulls from, er, somewhere:

Asus at CES 2014

It comes out green and then flashes to blue. The statue looks about as baffled as we are. Day turns to night and then to psychedelic green like a pretty boring acid flashback.

The title of the video is also "Green or Blue? One or Two?"

So here's what we think: dual-boot Android (green) and Windows (blue). Or a laptop/tablet hybrid. Or a PadFone/FonePad successor. Or a combination of the three.

Have a watch and let us know what you think in the comments:

It's Asus so it could realistically be any or all of the above - join us to find out on January 6 as CES 2014 kicks off.

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