Amazon plans for 'five or six' new tablets, says Staples president

Amazon Kindle Fire
The Kindle Fire could be just the beginning for Amazon

Amazon is planning to expand further into the tablet market than ever before, introducing "five or six" new tablets, including a 10-inch model, according to Staples President of U.S. Retail Demos Parneros.

Staples sells Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Parneros told a news service that the new Amazon tablets will come in a variety of different sizes, though he provided no hints on a possible release window.

Another source, Glu Mobile Chief Executive Noccolo de Masi, said, "They are trying to build on the foundations they have."

Glu Mobile develops games for the Kindle Fire, and de Masi said he'll support "all new devices that have promise."

Beyond the Kindle

Amazon's 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet launched late last year and has become popular as a versatile media consumption device.

Previous rumors have claimed that Amazon plans to expand the Kindle Fire line, with two new Kindle Fire 2 tablets possibly in the works, including the long-rumored 10-inch model.

That report, along with one claiming that a new 7-inch Kindle Fire 2 is nearing release, claimed that Amazon's new tablets will arrive by the end of the summer.

But that time frame is quickly approaching and Amazon has yet to confirm or refute the Kindle Fire rumors.

However, this is the first report to claim that Amazon plans to expand beyond the Kindle Fire line (at least in the tablet market - other sources claimed earlier this month that Foxconn is helping to produce the first Amazon Phone).

Amazon continues to remain tight-lipped, though.

Reuters adds to the fire by suggesting that Amazon's innovative Lab 126 has been hiring for work on new mobile devices that'll run on familiar wireless carrier networks.

According to multiple sources, it seems Amazon is thinking big on its next generation of mobile projects, whatever they prove to be in the end.

Via Reuters

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