All about the Nook-y: is Samsung's ereader tieup enough to stop Amazon?

Gossiping with Apple Insider

Apple Insider stuck its nose in despite this news having nothing to do with its demographic, on the grounds that the latest Samsung tablet might, to a handful of utter madmen, be seen as a competitor of (or alternative to) the iPad.

Reader Ikrupp suggests the Nook is dead beyond resuscitating, though, commenting: "The last few times I have visited the local Barnes & Noble the Nook section in the middle of the store was completely devoid of any customers or even retail clerks. Nobody."

And we all know people never order these things online...

Reader Relic used the thread to voice his dislike of Samsung's business practises, saying: "The Samsung entry level Tab series are absolute, complete garbage. Who in their right mind would buy this over say a Kindle HDX 7, Qualcomm 800 vs. a now obsolete Snapdragon S4? That's Samsung's mantra with its Tab, Tab 2, Tab 3 and now Tab 4, we give you last year's tech for today's prices."

People who see them in shops and don't know what a Qualcomm is? Like, for example, your mum?

Different but worse

On Engadget, those who also like to memorise tech specs had a field day with Samsung's new-ish hardware. Reader CitizenTrudge pointed out how this reader is less powerful than the decent Nook HD+ tablet that was available last year and discounted to pennies shortly after launch, spelling it out with: "The Nook HD+ sold for $179 every day. It had 40% more screen area (9 inches diagonal), and 1920 x 1280 gorgeous pixels. It came with 32GB of FLASH, and had a microSD slot. Its dual core processor ran at 1.5GHz. Is this supposed to be an improvement?"

TheRealCBONE ignored the hardware specifics to focus on the entire concept of the tie-up, saying: "There's no point in doing things slightly differently, but still worse than Amazon. That's a recipe for losing. If this fails, Barnes and Noble just looks weaker than ever, Samsung loses nothing."

  • Hey Barnes and Noble, why not just stick to making ereaders like the Nook GlowLight?