Microsoft predicts new wave of cloud devices

OQO - overpowered and over expensive, but a precursor to the future?
OQO - overpowered and over expensive, but a precursor to the future?

Microsoft is looking to push what it terms 'consumer internet devices', with the Windows Embedded team using its Computex keynote to talk about devices that fall between smartphones and netbooks.

Various names have been applied to devices that are for surfing the internet, do not have full computer functionality but that are not smartphones.

Mobile Internet Devices, or MIDs, is currently the most common term, but Microsoft has labelled the category 'consumer internet devices' or CIDs.

Key area

Microsoft's OEM Division Chief Stev Guggenheimer told Computex that consumer internet devices were a key area for expansion.

Using Microsoft's rich internet application Silverlight, along with the already well-established Windows Embedded – which will be based on Windows 7 in its next major iteration – the software giants outlined the progression of CIDs

Apparently the first devices will 'connect to consumers' digital lifestyles' allowing access to files, with Microsoft believing that a broad range of devices with Windows Embedded will best serve this area.

But the long-term evolution is also obvious, with Microsoft looking to the cloud – and an experience that will see the main computing power hosted elsewhere, but with a web browser giving access.

This will include both Microsoft services and third party access to things such as webmail, Office functionality and storage.

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