Tim Cook hints that new MacBooks are on the way


We were hoping to see a new MacBook of some kind (either Air or Pro) at Apple's big press event last week where the new iPhone was launched, but sadly that didn't happen – although we might not have too much longer to wait, according to an apparent email from Tim Cook.

A disgruntled MacRumors reader emailed the Apple CEO, after being disappointed with the lack of any Mac revelations at said event, on the subject of whether Apple is "pulling away from the Mac line".

Cook's reply stated: "I love the Mac and we are very committed to it. Stay tuned."

Occasionally, punters will get a direct reply such as this, and as far as MacRumors could tell, the email exchange is a genuine one. The tone sounds genuine enough, too.

Imminent revelation?

And that being the case, the remark that the email sender should "stay tuned" suggests that a new Mac revelation might be close to hand. And indeed, the rumor mill has previously pointed to October for new MacBooks which, let's face it, are rather overdue at this point.

The MacBook Pro is expected to get a refresh this year – with the introduction of Skylake processors, a slim design with a nifty new hinge, and an OLED touchbar in the place of function keys – but the story with the MacBook Air is less clear. Indeed, some speculation reckons that the Air could even be dumped from Apple's laptop line-up.

At any rate, hopefully we won't have long to wait now until we find out.

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