Best Intel Core laptops

Intel Sandy Bridge
Sandy Bridge-based laptops are now appearing in stores

Intel may have announced its new Sandy Bridge Intel Core i3, Core, i5 and i7 processors in January.

But laptops based on the platform have been slow to emerge - it's only now that we're seeing the results drip slowly into stores.

So here's the best of our reviews so far - now you can choose the Sandy Bridge laptop that's right for you.

1. Packard Bell EasyNote TS13

Sandy bridge laptops

This laptop features an updated version of the Core i3-2310M CPU, which offers considerable power on a budget. With 4096MB of DDR3 memory also on board, you can comfortably multi-task with applications.

The EasyNote TS13-HR-035 is a great and cheap way of enjoying and editing your media on the move. Performance is strong and the display is satisfyingly vibrant, while usability and a range of useful features are additional highlights.

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2. Sony Vaio CA Series – £799.00

sandy bridge laptops

The Sandy Bridge Core i5 processor produces some typically stunning performance, with enough grunt to run all of your applications. This is backed up by the dedicated AMD graphics card, perfect for viewing and editing media and even some light gaming.

The Sony VAIO CA series is an appealing prospect thanks to its strong performance and excellent build quality. Most attention is undoubtedly focused on the colourful design, and we're sure that many people will make their purchasing decision based on their immediate visual impressions.

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3. Samsung 9 Series – £1,299

sandy bridge laptops

Performance is key for an ultraportable laptop, and the 900XSA delivers here courtesy of the Intel Core i5 processor. Everyday performance is all conquering, and graphically the laptop is also very powerful as well. You won't be playing the latest gaming titles, but being able to edit HD movies on the laptop demonstrates the performance available.

The inclusion of a Sandy Bridge Intel processor makes the 900XSA a laptop that's as capable as it is pretty, and those worried that performance might have taken a back seat to form factor needn't worry – this is an extremely powerful laptop, both in everyday performance and graphically.

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4. Sony VAIO S Series VPC-SB1V9E – £950

sandy bridge laptop

Thanks to Intel's Sandy Bridge technology, the VAIO VPC-SB1V9E can handle anything you throw at it, making this the most powerful ultra-portable laptop we've tested. A dedicated AMD Mobility Radeon HD graphics card means you can even run video editing software and other fairly intensive multimedia applications.

If you want a highly portable laptop that still has enough grunt to run all of your applications, as well as a DVD drive and plenty of storage space, then the Sony VAIO VPC-SB1V9E is a fantastic option.

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5. Packard Bell EasyNote TS – £500

sandy bridge laptop

The HR040 on test here opts for the Core i5-2410M, a cutting edge Sandy Bridge-class mobile processor running at 2.3GHz. This is, it's worth noting, exactly the same processor as the cheaper of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro models – which is quite the performer.

This is a great machine at a great price. The Sandy Bridge processor inside is astonishing, the case is built well with an excellent full-size keyboard, and if you can forgive a few cut corners, this is an ideal non-gaming laptop.

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